The Ballarò Market and its bright colours and cheerful vibrations is a few minutes’ walk from Albergo Athenaeum. Here lovers of new taste sensations can sample the unique delights of the city’s street food, famous around the world. 

Bread with spleen, sfincione, panelle and croquettes can all be enjoyed while strolling through the charming streets of the market, where the cries of vendors, the intoxicating scents of fruits and vegetables and the picturesque fresh fish and meat stalls will give you the sensation of living in a more vital, multi-coloured and unforgettable world.

The Ballarò market by day is colourful and full of folklore, while in the evening it becomes the favourite haunt of university students living in Palermo who come to the neighbourhood pubs to relax after a day of study and populate the evening streets with their good cheer.

Along with the Ballarò market, the nearby Albergheria district is definitely worth a visit, too. One of the most characteristic areas of the old town in Palermo, it features the tower of St. Nicholas that recently re-opened to visitors, from atop which you can admire the beauty of the city of Palermo and enjoy an unforgettable emotion.