Albergo Athenaeum in Palermo has special price agreements with many organisations and institutions in the city, including the University of Palermo, the Municipality of Palermo, the Questura (Police Department) and the Astronomical Observatory, offering discounted rates to all employees and other people working with these institutions during their stay in Palermo. 

Albergo Athenaeum also has a special agreement with ISMETT, in addition to other city hospitals, making it a great choice for everyone who for various reasons has to deal with the most important health centres in Palermo.

For sports fans, Albergo Athenaeum also has a special agreement with the Polisportiva Sprint, a large sports centre with gyms, swimming pools and fitness equipment and a well known reference point for athletes throughout Sicily. To all members and guests of the Sprint Sports Centre who do not live in Palermo, Albergo Athenaeum reserves advantageous and affordable rates. 

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